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Do you feel the drive to do good?

Do you feel the very human and beautiful need to make a difference? Do you believe we can make the world a better place? Do you feel compelled to get involved and do something?

Do you want to make sure your giving has real impact?

Do you worry about your contributions being wasted? Are you tired of endless requests for your time, money, and attention? Do you wonder about the results of the giving you've done in the past? Are you feeling a little frustrated with the whole system?

You might be a Savvy Do Gooder.

There is another way; a better way. Giving can be a more rewarding and productive experience. And when it is, we will solve more problems, make more improvements, and create a better world for us all.

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Thank you for joining me – this is where I share my musings on giving, getting good done, charity, social finance, etc.

The first rule of the Savvy Do Gooder is that there are no final answers. Please feel free to disagree, debate, and dialogue with/about anything you see here. As long as you’re prepared to have a respectful and rigorous conversation about it, all input is welcome.