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Head shot 3Hi! I’m Nadine, and I really, really, want you to be all you can be.

That’s why I’m so fired up about helping people develop their social networks. We can all accomplish a lot more if we have help. The better our support system, the more great stuff we can all do.

I offer online courses, live meetups, training sessions, speaking, and facilitation services to help everyone find their people and develop relationships.

To accomplish this mission, I use a wealth of experience from my background in high end hospitality and customer service, professional fundraising, and sales. Former coworkers have approached me on the street to tell me how much they appreciated my ability to communicate with anyone, from warehouse workers to executive vice presidents.

Whether it’s delivering a program to connect hundreds of conference attendees more meaningfully to one another, helping individuals improve their networking skills with my online coures, or delivering a social skills training for a small staff group, there’s nothing I love more than helping people develop their social connections so they can do more awesome things.