Battle of the Sexes: Networking Edition

Is networking different for women and men? How do issues of gender play into the history of networking? Does it matter? I believe there is a of yin and yang to networking. Whether because of history, or convention, or natural inclination, there are networking activities that are more strongly associated with women and others that [...]

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The Biggest Barrier To Networking Success

No Foolproof Formula Sometimes, even if you follow all the expert advice, read all the books, and take all the courses, success is still elusive. This is true in any endeavour, but especially true in the world of networking and interpersonal relationship development. It can be tough to know the reason why, but there is [...]

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If You Think Socializing Is Too Hard, You’re Right

Having a social life can feel like a full time job As someone who teaches and fosters social skills any way she can, I'm often struck by the unfairness of it all. Why do we live in a world where acquiring and maintaining one of the most basic human needs is such a struggle? Why [...]

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How Many People Is Too Many People?

What makes a good network? Is it 10 people? 50? 100? 500? Quantity is something I think extroverts might experience as a special challenge. People who lean towards extroversion (including me) are always meeting people - it comes as easily as breathing. We almost can't help doing it. However, there's a problem. There comes a [...]

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The Best Kept Networking Secret

What The Weirdos Know Have you ever known someone who is well connected in defiance of all logic? Maybe they're a little weird, a little abrasive. Maybe they are awkward and lack social graces. But they seem to know everybody anyway, have no trouble finding people to work with and play with. How the heck [...]

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Rejection: When It Isn’t About You

A few years ago, I was at an event and I saw someone whose work I admired, but whom I did not know personally. Let's call him Jeff. I decided to start a conversation. He was chatting with one other person, so I (using my trusty mingling skills) approached, waited for a break in the [...]

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Fear of Rejection: What If They Don’t Like You?

One of the regulars at my monthly We Hate Networking meetups recently told me to write about how hard this is. "What if people aren't nice to you? What if they say no? What if they don't like you? Write about that." Personally, I don't struggle with this very much, and I think I know [...]

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Don’t Be That Guy Pt. 2

To me, there are two sad things about the networker we all love to hate, The Hustler: (Some) Hustlers Aren't Being True To Themselves First, I worry that many Hustlers are the result of otherwise nice, normal people trying to follow conventional networking advice that doesn't work for them. Since a lot of networking 'how [...]

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