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Here’s Where You Can Stick Your “Networking Breaks”

Where did event organizers get the idea that networking breaks are a good thing? Almost everyone I’ve ever talked to loathes them. It’s a big contributor to the popularity of the We Hate Networking Club, now nearly 1000 members strong.

And yet, there seem to …

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Building Your Network Without Selling Your Soul

We Hate Networking When It Feels Gross

One thing folks seem to hate most about networking is the feeling that it’s sort of gross: selfish, pushy, greedy. Nobody wants to be the stereotypical networker; the one who is always selling, who shoves his business card … Read more...

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Mastering the Dreaded Elevator Speech

“So, what do you do?”

It might be the most dreaded networking question. We stutter. We ramble. We overexplain. We go away feeling the person who asked doesn’t really get it, and isn’t all that interested anymore.

How can we answer this question in a … Read more...

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Introverts Rock at Networking

That’s right, I said it. Introverts rock at networking. It’s true. Introverts can actually be better at networking than extroverts.

Shocked, are you? “What’s the catch?” you ask?Introverts

Here it is: Introverts rock at networking when they do it by embracing their natural strengths. This … Read more...

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What To Do When Mingling is Mandatory

Recently, I’ve talked a lot about how to avoid traditional networking events and still build your network (see: You Don’t Need Networking Events).

But that isn’t always possible. Maybe your boss sends you to an industry mixer. Maybe you’re at a conference with several … Read more...

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Networking and Social Media

Many people blame the rise of social media and online networking for the decline of in-person relationships, and they do have a point. It’s much easier to stay home alone than it used to be, and that’s partly due to screens.

However, the internet can …

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You Don’t Need Networking Events

Let’s face it: most of us would rather have a root canal than attend a networking event. Just the word “networking” conjures up images of the worst case scenario: a room full of strangers, struggling to make any connection, feeling pressured and uncomfortable.network-without-events

But here’s …

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Volunteer to Build Your Network

Whether you’re looking to grow your own network, spark some connection within your work team, or foster ties between members of a broader group (like an association), volunteering can be a crackerjack tool.

In my time as a corporate fundraiser, I  both watched it in … Read more...

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The Follow Up: Making the Most of Your Connections

So you’ve been to an event. You met some people. You even collected some business cards. Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong. If you stop working on your connections when you leave the room, you’re not getting the most out of your networking opportunities. The work you … Read more...

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Finding Your People: Where to network

I Love Networking, Except When I Don’t

Although I usually love networking, like most people, I sometimes find myself in networking situations where I simply have no motivation. It feels wrong and goes poorly when the people there can’t help me with any of my … Read more...

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