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The Follow Up: Making the Most of Your Connections

So you’ve been to an event. You met some people. You even collected some business cards. Mission accomplished, right?

Wrong. If you stop working on your connections when you leave the room, you’re not getting the most out of your networking opportunities. The work you … Read more...

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Finding Your People: Where to network

I Love Networking, Except When I Don’t

Although I usually love networking, like most people, I sometimes find myself in networking situations where I simply have no motivation. It feels wrong and goes poorly when the people there can’t help me with any of my … Read more...

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How To Talk To Jerks

We’ve all met our fair share of jerks. They’re loud, they’re angry. They’re pretty sure they know what’s wrong, and who’s at fault. And they’re more than happy to spout off about it.

I meet jerks in networking environments, in my work to help people … Read more...

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How and Why to Ask for Anything

Asking Can Lead to Success

Many years ago, I had a summer job as a server at a high end hotel. The management decided to run a contest. Whoever could get the most comment cards filled out would win a sweatshirt.

As I write this, …

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Make or Break: Culture vs. Strategy

When things aren’t going well with a group or team, the first instinct is often to reach for the strategy toolbox:

  • If meetings are a mess, we tinker with the agenda
  • If we feel like we’re going in a million directions at once and not
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People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

Which one of these elevator pitches do you find more interesting?

  1. My name is Nadine. I’m a facilitator. I offer team building services and consult on how to make events more engaging. I also have a monthly meetup group about networking, and a blog. Sometimes
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How To Win Friends and Influence People – Using Connection

Be A Connections Rock StarAfter teaching a workshop at an event the other day, I ran into an acquaintance and we got to talking. He brought up something he struggles with and when I responded that I often struggle with the same thing, he seemed astonished.

“You?!” he said, …

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If You Want Success, Learn Conversation

Behind every success story, there’s a crowd. Whether you define success professionally, personally, financially, or some other way, nobody does it alone.

Behind most stories of epic failure, there’s also a crowd. Rarely can the blame for a catastrophe truly be laid at the feet … Read more...

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You Don’t Have to Hate Meetings Anymore

Do you hate meetings?

Really? You hate getting away from your desk to spend time with real humans? You hate the opportunity to get multiple perspectives on an issue and make a decision on the spot, together? You hate learning things about your colleagues and … Read more...

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Why Are We Making People Network?

Face it: Networking Sucks.

Everyone hates networking. It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, and it takes a special combination of skills, personality and confidence to do it successfully.

So why do we as event organizers keep making them do it? We not only include networking time in … Read more...

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