If You Want Success, Learn Conversation

Behind every success story, there's a crowd. Whether you define success professionally, personally, financially, or some other way, nobody does it alone. Behind most stories of epic failure, there's also a crowd. Rarely can the blame for a catastrophe truly be laid at the feet of one person. It's usually a combination of screw ups by different people. So [...]

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It’s Ok to Not Be the Expert Sometimes

The flip side to the phenomenon of people wanting outside experts to tell them how to pursue their goals is people who want to be in the role of 'expert' at all times. This is related to the fact that it's more comfortable to give than to receive. Showing vulnerability is tough. For some of [...]

Charities Aren’t Being Honest With You

You're being lied to, friends. Not maliciously, or even deliberately, but it's happening, because it's hard to tell someone the truth if; a) we don't think they want to hear it, and b) they have some sort of power over us. Say it ain't so! This dynamic is rampant between charities and supporters. [...]

Taking Dan Pallotta a Step Further

Dan Pallotta says a lot of shocking things about charity. His message about our attitude towards the charitable sector flies in the face of a lot of accepted wisdom. And yet - when you really think about it, it makes sense.  Except... there are elements of it that I agree with only conditionally; they make sense [...]

The Shocking Secret Of Charity Admin Cost

We're making some progress in the fight against the low-cost charity obsession. Many people now acknowledge that charities do have to spend some money on operations. Many people agree that nonprofit workers shouldn't have to live in poverty for the privilege of devoting their lives to doing good. But we've still got a long way [...]

#GivingTuesday: What Is it Good For?

Today has been dubbed Giving Tuesday in an attempt to make it as much about giving as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are about consumption. The website says it aims to, "transform the way people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season," and that, "we’ll create ways to give more, give better [...]

When Arguing is the Best Way

Why can't we disagree constructively? It seems pretty reasonable that, especially when it comes to trying to change the world, it's ideal for lively debate and discussion to be welcome in pursuit of the best decisions. If we all agree all the time and no one ever presents a dissenting opinion, we won't have much [...]

The Cost of Saying No (or: How Fundraisers Are Like 5 Year Olds)

We are constantly bombarded with charity appeals for our time, energy, attention, and money. What about those of us whose resources are already fully committed to some form of do-gooding; or who have serious doubts about the effectiveness of the various campaigns? What do we do with this bombardment? The campaigners, if asked, often say [...]

If Everyone Hates It, Why Do They Do It?

My mom recently got two big envelopes in the mail, both from charities. Both were jammed with Christmas cards, address labels, and other stuff she hadn't asked for. It made her angry. She had given to these organizations, but she didn't want a bunch of stuff. In fact, she was kind of steamed that any [...]