Taking Dan Pallotta a Step Further

Dan Pallotta says a lot of shocking things about charity. His message about our attitude towards the charitable sector flies in the face of a lot of accepted wisdom. And yet - when you really think about it, it makes sense.  Except... there are elements of it that I agree with only conditionally; they make sense [...]

Solving the Wrong Problem

Here in Edmonton, there's a new tech startup trying to helping nonprofit organizations reduce their costs. I debated one of their founders on television last week. Across the country, legislators are working hard to adjust the tax structures and reporting rules that charities live by. Across the world, legal acrobatics are being performed to create [...]

That Awkward Moment

At a recent charity gala event, I met some lovely people working on development and health projects overseas. When they talk about their approach, they say all the right things: They work with the local people on the ground, rather than dictating solutions to them. They look at different ways to do things and pick [...]

Follow Your Heart, But Take Your Head With You

I saw some folks promoting an event "for charity" last week on Twitter. I had to ask - which charity? Why that one? It led to quite a long conversation, eventually drawing in the event organizer. She was able to report that deaths resulting from the disease they're fundraising for (a form of cancer) have [...]

Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

Last week, one of my favourite local bloggers, KikkiPlanet, wrote a piece about why she's decided to stop supporting the Wild Rose political party. For the record, I tend to agree with her, but Kikki's article and the debate that followed got me thinking about something else: our attitudes toward the organizations we support, and [...]

The Savvy Do Gooder Take on Budget 2012

Last week, a new federal budget came out here in Canada, with some items on charities.They're mostly about stricter financial reporting rules around political activities and foreign donations, and an $8 million dollar audit is planned to make sure that charities are following the rules.Some people are alarmed about what this will mean for charities, [...]

The Break Up: Getting out of a bad charity relationship

There are so many good ideas out there; programs and initiatives that either look great, or like they could be great with a little help.Getting into a charitable activity is often easy, especially if it's grass roots and informal. And especially if you're a compulsive volunteer, like me.But what about getting out? When you've attended [...]