How To Change the World On Your Own Terms

There are so many good causes out there - so many organizations that want and need our help to make the world a better place. You don't have to know everything about each of these items to be able to choose one. Many of us wonder: how does one filter through all the [...]

What’s Your Deepest Wound?

My good friend and favourite marketing guru Tad Hargrave has a saying: "Your deepest wound is your truest niche" It means that the people you're best suited to serve are those who are struggling with something you have struggled with yourself. So: what is it that you, personally, have struggled most to overcome in your [...]

Young Whippersnappers These Days

Last week, there was a segment on a local TV show about young people's involvement in society. The panelists made some good points, but there seemed to be an underlying assumption that the big goal is to make sure young people volunteer and give to charity. It got me thinking - is that really the [...]

That Awkward Moment

At a recent charity gala event, I met some lovely people working on development and health projects overseas. When they talk about their approach, they say all the right things: They work with the local people on the ground, rather than dictating solutions to them. They look at different ways to do things and pick [...]

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

The other day, something nice happened to me. Someone I'm collaborating with sent me his part of the work, and it was really, really well done. A few minutes later, still riding high, I was walking down the street and found myself smiling at perfect strangers. Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling good, [...]