The Expert Inside You

In going through the feedback forms from a recent event I co-hosted for do-gooders, I noticed that some people would like more 'experts' in the room. More 'successful' people. More keynote speakers; people with answers. I remember my own 'expert seeking' days. When I first decided to strike out as The Savvy Do Gooder, I [...]

A World to Raise Children In

Should he be afraid? In the wake of the Boston marathon bombings, a lot of people asked how anyone can bring children into today's world; a world where such atrocities are possible. The most interesting thing about this line of questioning is that it assumes 2 things. First, that today's world is somehow [...]

Don’t Do More; Do Better

There's a shift underway in our world. The days when everyone believed that quantity and speed were always better are on the decline. The idea that having more stuff, making more money, and being busier is the path to happiness is more and more outdated. Whatever the reason, a lot of people are moving towards [...]

Being Different Is Not a Choice; It’s an Advantage

In high school, I was a good student at an academically-focused school, and it was generally expected that girls 'like me' went to university. So I went. It did not go well. I nearly flunked out, and was miserable for a year. It took a near breakdown and months of therapy to realize that my [...]

The Sneaky Source of Evil

I remember, as an idealistic university student, having the impression that there's a lavishly panelled boardroom somewhere (New York?) full of rich old white men in suits who were up to no good. Call them 'corporate America', or 'the establishment' - they have the evil Profit Motive, they hate the Environment and the Poor. These [...]

The Difference Between Giving to Charity and Going to the Dentist

I have a friend who complains that the version of charitable giving I recommend is too much work. He compares me with health specialists who recommend an unrealistic amount of work for whatever body part is their specialty: The dentist wants us to brush and floss after every meal. The personal trainer wants us to [...]

Charity vs. Charities

Last week, popular local blogger and 2012 Edmonton Do Gooder alum Kathleen Smith George posted a list of her Most Fascinating Twitter Accounts of 2012. I was honoured to be included as a runner up in the category of 'Charity Case', along with Jen Banks and Jessie Radies. Here's what really tickled me about it, [...]

Don’t Let ‘Em Say You’re Not Good Enough

There are some very disturbing assumptions underlying a lot of the charitable appeals each of us receives on a regular basis. "Get involved!", they say, "you can make a difference!" These kinds of campaign statements imply several very unsettling things: Before the campaigners came along, we were doing nothing, or at least; not enough. If [...]