How to Avoid Total Ruin: The Volkswagen Example

One of the top stories in the news right now is the Volkwagen emissions scandal. It was recently discovered that the German auto manufacturer deliberately outfitted its vehicles with devices designed to cheat on emissions tests. The company has lost a third of its share value in under a week and it’s facing a host [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Sustainable Spring Fashion

After my baby was born, I needed a whole new wardrobe, but as a self-employed person on parental leave, I had no income. I had been meaning to try secondhand shopping for a while but was intimidated by the idea of sifting through a lot of stuff to find anything good. When I heard about [...]

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Paying My Way

Regular readers of this blog know that giving money is not usually at the top of my list of ways to do good. But something has made me realize that I might want to move it up the priority list, under a particular set of circumstances. For example, I recently started attending a play group [...]

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Who Deserves The Big Money?

"People working for good causes deserve to get paid, but not too much. It's offensive that someone who's supposed to be dedicated to important issues would buy a luxury car, a huge house, and expensive vacations." I hear this argument a lot. It begs the question: if someone who's devoted to making the world a [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Green Electricity

My husband and I switched to SPARK green energy co-op a few years ago for our electricity. At the time, I'm not sure I fully grasped exactly how it all works. 2 years later, and after a lot of research, I honestly still may not. The whole generation/distribution/transmission/retailer system is very complicated. It gets confusing [...]

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5 Free Ways to Be a Force for Good

"How can I do good without spending or giving away any money?" Someone asked me this recently. It's a doozy - usually, when we're talking about doing good, we're talking about donating, socially responsible investing, conscious consumerism, etc. All great stuff, but all involving money. Volunteering time is not a bad answer, but a little [...]

Climate Change: Who Cares?

Is climate change real? If it's real, is it caused by people? I've seen a lot of passionate arguments on both sides of this debate and I'm far from qualified to sort it out. But here's what I really can't figure out: what difference does it make? Climate change believers want us to reduce greenhouse [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Holiday Decorating

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Love love love. The warmth, the festivities, the music, the food, the gatherings - it's the best. But I DON'T love some of the fallout from it. Overconsumption and the buildup of STUFF in our lives is always a problem, but it reaches new heights during the holidays. So what's a yule-loving [...]

Opting Out: What A Great Idea

Conscious consumerism can be challenging. Ethical and sustainable products can be more expensive, harder to find, and sometimes less user-friendly than the conventional ones. Trying to switch to ethical and sustainable alternatives for everything can get a bit overwhelming. Greenwashing and goodwashing also get in the way, trying to fool us into thinking 'bad' products [...]

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