What Are You Really Doing?

After a recent speech I gave, I was approached by a man from a gas coop who asked: "Our core business is selling diesel fuel. How can we possibly incorporate being good into everything we do?" This is a very good question. How can a business move towards ethics and sustainability when their core business involves [...]

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The Easiest Everyday Toxic Chemical To Cut Out of Your Life

In the process of giving up shampoo, I learned a lot about the harmful chemicals in everything from toothpaste to deodorant. I found out about the dirty dozen lists of worst ingredients in common household products. I heard about alternatives to those products: some simple and easy, others complicated and difficult. And always, there's the problem [...]

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We Day

A teacher who accompanied her students to one of the Kielberger brothers' annual  We Day events found that it left a bad taste in her mouth, and wrote about it. What, some Twitter friends asked, were my thoughts on the matter? After doing some research, I found out that my thoughts are not as straightforward [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Going Shampoo Free

I’ve often heard about personal care products having harmful chemicals in them, but until recently, didn’t know of many alternatives. You can buy natural/organic, of course, but it’s usually more expensive and it’s hard to know what’s really safe and what’s greenwashing Recently, I heard about a movement of people who are giving up shampoo [...]

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Charity as a Status Symbol

Nowadays, just about every dwelling has a patch of green out front. But about 200 years ago, only the very rich could afford to use their land for anything other than producing food. So having a lawn was a way to say, "Look everybody! I'm so well off that I can afford to ostentatiously waste [...]

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Why I’m Against #GivingTuesday

American Thanksgiving is coming up, and so is the newer tradition of #GivingTuesday that attempts to balance its glut of over consumption. Some people feel uncomfortable and even guilty about eating and buying so much over the holiday. So many charities try to take advantage of the guilt and discomfort by offering a solution: "Feel [...]

The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Home Energy Assessment

In February, my husband and I bought a 1948 era house. It’s drafty in the winter. I worry about how much energy we’re wasting for environmental reasons. Plus, there are comfort and expense factors. So we decided to contact CReturns, a company that offers comprehensive energy and water assessments for private homeowners, among other things. [...]

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Sustainable: Breaking Down the Buzzword

Sustainable: you hear it everywhere. But what does it really mean? It often gets tacked on to the concept of environmentalism and the 'green' movement. But is that all it is? In spite of all the hype, the only question we need to determine sustainability is: "Can we keep it up?" For example: A business [...]

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Course Correction: My Attempt at an Apple Crusade

A couple of weeks ago, I became enraged when the Deal of the Week at my local Save-On Foods was on US imported apples. Since a ten minute walk in any direction from that very store takes me past at least a half dozen apple trees, and since everyone I know with apple trees can't [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Manual Lawnmowers and Grasscycling

My August Breakfast Television segment is all about the surprisingly easy and economical alternative to conventional gas and electric lawnmowers. Here are the highlights, along with the resources I mention on the show.   Personal Story: Growing up, we always had a gas lawnmower. I hated it. Heavy bag, smelly gas, loud, dangerous. Now, we [...]