The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Sustainable Spring Fashion

After my baby was born, I needed a whole new wardrobe, but as a self-employed person on parental leave, I had no income. I had been meaning to try secondhand shopping for a while but was intimidated by the idea of sifting through a lot of stuff to find anything good. When I heard about [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Green Electricity

My husband and I switched to SPARK green energy co-op a few years ago for our electricity. At the time, I'm not sure I fully grasped exactly how it all works. 2 years later, and after a lot of research, I honestly still may not. The whole generation/distribution/transmission/retailer system is very complicated. It gets confusing [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Holiday Decorating

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Love love love. The warmth, the festivities, the music, the food, the gatherings - it's the best. But I DON'T love some of the fallout from it. Overconsumption and the buildup of STUFF in our lives is always a problem, but it reaches new heights during the holidays. So what's a yule-loving [...]

The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Going Shampoo Free

I’ve often heard about personal care products having harmful chemicals in them, but until recently, didn’t know of many alternatives. You can buy natural/organic, of course, but it’s usually more expensive and it’s hard to know what’s really safe and what’s greenwashing Recently, I heard about a movement of people who are giving up shampoo [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Home Energy Assessment

In February, my husband and I bought a 1948 era house. It’s drafty in the winter. I worry about how much energy we’re wasting for environmental reasons. Plus, there are comfort and expense factors. So we decided to contact CReturns, a company that offers comprehensive energy and water assessments for private homeowners, among other things. [...]

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BT Bonus: How to Get Free Apples in Edmonton

When I wrote my original resource post for the Lawnmower Do Gooder Lifestyle piece, I didn't know I'd also be throwing in the info about apples. So I owe you the info on how to get involved with Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton. Here you go: I think you may have to sign up as [...]

The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Manual Lawnmowers and Grasscycling

My August Breakfast Television segment is all about the surprisingly easy and economical alternative to conventional gas and electric lawnmowers. Here are the highlights, along with the resources I mention on the show.   Personal Story: Growing up, we always had a gas lawnmower. I hated it. Heavy bag, smelly gas, loud, dangerous. Now, we [...]