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How to Avoid Total Ruin: The Volkswagen Example

One of the top stories in the news right now is the Volkwagen emissions scandal. It was recently discovered that the German auto manufacturer deliberately outfitted its vehicles with devices designed to cheat on emissions tests. The company has lost a third of its share value in under a week and it’s facing a host [...]

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Who Deserves The Big Money?

"People working for good causes deserve to get paid, but not too much. It's offensive that someone who's supposed to be dedicated to important issues would buy a luxury car, a huge house, and expensive vacations." I hear this argument a lot. It begs the question: if someone who's devoted to making the world a [...]

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What Are You Really Doing?

After a recent speech I gave, I was approached by a man from a gas coop who asked: "Our core business is selling diesel fuel. How can we possibly incorporate being good into everything we do?" This is a very good question. How can a business move towards ethics and sustainability when their core business involves [...]

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More Good, Less Work: Stacking Functions

Stacking functions is a concept I first heard from permaculturists, and it's all kinds of cool and useful. Recently, it struck me that The Savvy Do Gooder Way involves a lot of stacking functions. So what is it? Well, you know that old idea of killing two birds with one stone? Stacking functions is like [...]

If You’re Not Part of the Problem, It’s Tough To Be Part of the Solution

We've all heard the old saying: "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Let's flip that on its head. "If you're not part of the problem, it's tough to be part of the solution." We're best equipped to solve problems when we're contributing to them. If the cause of a [...]

Lifestyle vs. Work vs. Giving

Last week, I shared The Savvy Do Gooder Way, a new framework for doing good that is manageable, effective, and rewarding. It includes three main activity areas: The Do Gooder Lifestyle, The Do Gooder at Work, and Savvy Giving; in that order. Why in that order, you might ask? Why is giving last? It might [...]

The SDG Way to Make A Difference

I'm in the midst of an epiphany, friends. Over the past couple of days, all my swirling thoughts about doing good have coalesced into one, unified, clear framework: The Savvy Do Gooding Way. It's a general philosophy about how the whole shebang should work. It offers: Reconnection with the drive to do good Freedom from [...]