All about doing good through day-to-day choices about things like food, clothing, driving, housing, etc.

The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Sustainable Spring Fashion

After my baby was born, I needed a whole new wardrobe, but as a self-employed person on parental leave, I had no income. I had been meaning to try secondhand shopping for a while but was intimidated by the idea of sifting through a lot of stuff to find anything good. When I heard about [...]

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There Is No ‘Away’

I'm often surprised by how ingrained certain mindsets are in me, even when they're at odds with my values. I find the concept of  'decluttering' delightful. I hate a crowded room, I hate having a lot of stuff around. It may come from having moved house 35 times before I was thirty. When you move [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Green Electricity

My husband and I switched to SPARK green energy co-op a few years ago for our electricity. At the time, I'm not sure I fully grasped exactly how it all works. 2 years later, and after a lot of research, I honestly still may not. The whole generation/distribution/transmission/retailer system is very complicated. It gets confusing [...]

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5 Free Ways to Be a Force for Good

"How can I do good without spending or giving away any money?" Someone asked me this recently. It's a doozy - usually, when we're talking about doing good, we're talking about donating, socially responsible investing, conscious consumerism, etc. All great stuff, but all involving money. Volunteering time is not a bad answer, but a little [...]

The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Holiday Decorating

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Love love love. The warmth, the festivities, the music, the food, the gatherings - it's the best. But I DON'T love some of the fallout from it. Overconsumption and the buildup of STUFF in our lives is always a problem, but it reaches new heights during the holidays. So what's a yule-loving [...]

Opting Out: What A Great Idea

Conscious consumerism can be challenging. Ethical and sustainable products can be more expensive, harder to find, and sometimes less user-friendly than the conventional ones. Trying to switch to ethical and sustainable alternatives for everything can get a bit overwhelming. Greenwashing and goodwashing also get in the way, trying to fool us into thinking 'bad' products [...]

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The Easiest Everyday Toxic Chemical To Cut Out of Your Life

In the process of giving up shampoo, I learned a lot about the harmful chemicals in everything from toothpaste to deodorant. I found out about the dirty dozen lists of worst ingredients in common household products. I heard about alternatives to those products: some simple and easy, others complicated and difficult. And always, there's the problem [...]

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The Do Gooder Lifestyle: Going Shampoo Free

I’ve often heard about personal care products having harmful chemicals in them, but until recently, didn’t know of many alternatives. You can buy natural/organic, of course, but it’s usually more expensive and it’s hard to know what’s really safe and what’s greenwashing Recently, I heard about a movement of people who are giving up shampoo [...]

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More Good, Less Work: Stacking Functions

Stacking functions is a concept I first heard from permaculturists, and it's all kinds of cool and useful. Recently, it struck me that The Savvy Do Gooder Way involves a lot of stacking functions. So what is it? Well, you know that old idea of killing two birds with one stone? Stacking functions is like [...]