Somebody needs you

You know what? You're a bundle of value, just waiting to be unleashed on the world. You have something to offer. Probably a lot, actually. Most people you meet might not realize this. Most people probably don't appreciate it. That's perfectly understandable and normal. I mean, do you go around looking for the hidden assets [...]

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For super strong contacts, start here

Do you want some really strong contacts? Close friends, trusted colleagues, people who know you and trust you enough to give you jobs and contracts and responsibilities and whatever other kind of help and support you need? This post isn't about them. But it is about how you get them. Bottom line: you don't start [...]

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Why you’re getting so much side-eye

Bad news: not everybody trusts you. Maybe you've noticed that some people, when you try to be friendly, act like you're really out of line. Their eyes say, "Who the h#!! are you and why are you all up in my grill?" and "What do you want from me, you creep? Go away before I call [...]

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The networking risk that pays off

You love your people, but... What happens when you know a ton of people, and like them, and relate to them, and know you can call on them for whatever you need, but somehow, they never seem to have what you need? What if your 'great' network just isn't helping you get where you need [...]

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How to argue over holiday dinner….and still enjoy dessert

Ah, the holidays. A time to come together with loved ones and not-so-loved ones. Many of us dread the annual encounter with that one (or more) relative whose views clash with ours. Today, I'm going to share with you a guiding principle that can help get us through these tough conversations. The key to the [...]

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Suicide prevention for the rest of us

The nightmare scenario I have a recurring nightmare in which someone I know kills themselves and I'm forever haunted by the idea that somehow, some way, I should have done something to prevent it. Although no one can control the choices and behaviour of another person, I think this is a pretty common fear, and [...]

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Is networking manipulative?

I really creeped out my friend at dinner recently. We were talking about some of the stuff I teach in my We Hate Networking courses (this), and it totally rubbed her the wrong way. "What?! You're saying you would deliberately ask someone to help you with something to make them like you? That's so gross [...]

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