People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

Which one of these elevator pitches do you find more interesting? My name is Nadine. I'm a facilitator. I offer team building services and consult on how to make events more engaging. I also have a monthly meetup group about networking, and a blog. Sometimes I do presentations. My name is Nadine. I think relationships [...]

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You Don’t Have to Hate Meetings Anymore

Do you hate meetings? Really? You hate getting away from your desk to spend time with real humans? You hate the opportunity to get multiple perspectives on an issue and make a decision on the spot, together? You hate learning things about your colleagues and what they're working on? You hate being up to date [...]

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Why Are We Making People Network?

Face it: Networking Sucks. Everyone hates networking. It's awkward, it's uncomfortable, and it takes a special combination of skills, personality and confidence to do it successfully. So why do we as event organizers keep making them do it? We not only include networking time in almost every large event, we go so far as to trumpet [...]

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Purpose and Safety: Your Best Friends When Talk Gets Tough

Last month, I reviewed what is, for my money, one of the best communications resources out there: Crucial Conversations. I promised to share one of my favourite insights from the book in my next post, and here it is. The authors tell us that the first thing to do in any tough conversation is to [...]

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My Favourite Tool for Tough Conversations: Book Review

It's late December, and although I really love this season, it does add a lot to everyone's plate. We've all got the shorter days, the holiday hubbub, and the onset of truly cold weather to deal with. It's a high risk season for interpersonal relations, as everyone strives for togetherness while simultaneously dealing with a variety [...]

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How To Build Relationships Within Your Team or Community

The Power of Listening I once worked at a company with a pretty high wall of mistrust between the office and warehouse staff. But I was one of the few office staff who had a degree of goodwill on both sides of the divide. A big part of the reason for that was a small [...]

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How To Make Your Events Unmissable

Veteran speaker Simon Salt has a theory about what makes an event successful. The secret sauce, he says in his post, Why Events Fail...and how to fix them, is community: "The outcome of building a strong community is that when they come together in real life you end up with a stellar event." Live Versus [...]

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Paying My Way

Regular readers of this blog know that giving money is not usually at the top of my list of ways to do good. But something has made me realize that I might want to move it up the priority list, under a particular set of circumstances. For example, I recently started attending a play group [...]

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There Is No ‘Away’

I'm often surprised by how ingrained certain mindsets are in me, even when they're at odds with my values. I find the concept of  'decluttering' delightful. I hate a crowded room, I hate having a lot of stuff around. It may come from having moved house 35 times before I was thirty. When you move [...]

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