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Whether you’re leading a workplace team or heading up a volunteer group, you need your people doing their best. This means they have to have good solid connections both with each other and the right outside contacts. That’s where we come in.

We have tools to get your people focused, inspired, connected, and ready to be rockstar champions for your organization out in the world.

  • Online Courses: your folks can work on everything from finding their people to mingling skills wherever and whenever they want, even (or especially) if they struggle with conventional networking.Talk to us about group discounts! Click here for more info.

  • Live Networking Trainings: we bring the time tested material from our We Hate Networking meetups and online courses and bring it to you! Even better than the online courses because your people get to practice the skills with each other in real time.

  • Find Your Why for groups: world famous thinker Simon Sinek blew us all away when he told us that focusing on why we do what we do changes everything. But how do you know what your why even is? This half day facilitated process is the answer, and it will rock your world while creating an incredible bond between your people.

  • Purposefuel: the Cadillac of team building programs for organizations. No silly games, no trust falls, we promise. Just meaningful, relevant engaging activities to get any group pulling in the same direction.  Click here for more info.