You know what? You’re a bundle of value, just waiting to be unleashed on the world. You have something to offer. Probably a lot, actually.

Most people you meet might not realize this. Most people probably don’t appreciate it. That’s perfectly understandable and normal. I mean, do you go around looking for the hidden assets in everybody you meet?

Naw, most of us are caught up in our own concerns and not paying that kind of attention.

So in a world where you’ve got all this awesome just waiting to bust out and do great things, and where nobody sees that in you, what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do:

You make it your mission to find out how to unleash your awesome: Who needs you? What problems can you solve? Where can you pitch in? Figure it out.

There’s so much need in this world, so much loneliness, so many unanswered questions and unfilled roles and neglected tasks. Somebody needs out, something needs doing that you are the perfect person to do. It’s out there, friends. Go find it.

Become indispensable. You want people to see how great you are? Show ’em.

When you make yourself useful, people notice. When you’re showing, not telling, everyone what a valuable part of your community/industry/neighbourhood/whatever you are, there’s no need for any other form of self promotion. You don’t have to talk people into believing you’re worth having in their lives if you are showing them.

Bonus: doing stuff you’re good at, and that’s needed, is a nice little confidence booster into the bargain. And confidence is always good to have, especially when you’re trying to create connections with new people and groups.

Finally, it’s a lot more fun to figure out who needs what you have and go after that, than to focus on figuring out who has what you need. You’ve got to get your butt out there somehow, so why not approach it this way?

Here you come, ready to blow everybody’s mind with what you can do. They don’t even know how much they need you, but they’re about to find out! Get ready, world, for the awesomeness that’s about to hit. Bam!!