A World to Raise Children In

Should he be afraid? In the wake of the Boston marathon bombings, a lot of people asked how anyone can bring children into today's world; a world where such atrocities are possible. The most interesting thing about this line of questioning is that it assumes 2 things. First, that today's world is somehow [...]

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When Arguing is the Best Way

Why can't we disagree constructively? It seems pretty reasonable that, especially when it comes to trying to change the world, it's ideal for lively debate and discussion to be welcome in pursuit of the best decisions. If we all agree all the time and no one ever presents a dissenting opinion, we won't have much [...]

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You Are Not Alone: Reflections on the first Good Hundred event

People who have creative ideas for making the world a better place often end up working, to some degree, in isolation. Bloggers, small businesspeople, charity workers, artists, and other changemakers often make their way in the world against the grain, fighting the status quo; resisting the path of least resistance. It can get pretty lonely, [...]

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Post-Mortem: Edmonton Do Gooder Project 2012

As you know, this blog has been taken over for the past several weeks by a series of profiles on great people from the Edmonton area. It's been very well received, and is definitely something I'll consider doing again next year with a new class of do gooders. Getting to interview these folks was a [...]

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