People who have creative ideas for making the world a better place often end up working, to some degree, in isolation. Bloggers, small businesspeople, charity workers, artists, and other changemakers often make their way in the world against the grain, fighting the status quo; resisting the path of least resistance.

It can get pretty lonely, not to mention exhausting.

That’s what was so exciting about co-hosting The Good Hundred Experiment (along with Tad Hargrave and The Local Good) this past weekend. It was a room full of do gooders from across Edmonton; from different sectors and walks of life. They gathered to talk about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it. They gave each other unconditional support and honest feedback.

There was tough love and inspiration. The word that came up over and over was “energy”. These people were fully engaged from beginning to end of what was really a very mentally and emotionally taxing day.

In the end, many people said they appreciated the opportunity to interact so meaningfully with like minded people. There was such relief in their voices; and a sense of wonder. I believe they were realizing that they really aren’t alone.

Despite the fact that many of us are working in small groups or on our own, we’re not alone – there are more mavericks and squeaky wheels just like us out there, all fighting for what we believe in; each in our own individual way.

Although your views, or your methods, or your gut feelings about doing good might be unorthodox or new, it doesn’t mean you’re the only one. I learned this weekend that change agents are all around us – so keep the faith and keep following what your head and your heart tell you about your best path to the world you want to live in.